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Math Homework

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Since 2016, Top 1 Education has recommended more than 300 tutors and teachers for Australian parents,Sydney area particularly. Please contact us immediately to let the best and most suitable professional teachers come to you and help to improve your performance quickly!

Top 1 Education's advantages

Sincerely serve students and parents

A team of mentors from Harvard University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Columbia University, UCLA, and other Ivy League schools from US and local Australian college entrance examinations.

All of our teachers have been validated through interviews and rigorous academic qualifications. It is required to have both superb teaching methods and infinite love for students, and to pass on their professional success to students in order to expect students to achieve greater achievements.

Top 1 Education's original teaching method is suitable for the characteristics of the Australian curriculum and greatly improves the learning efficiency. It has successfully helped 2800+ students to pass the professional and talent examinations at all levels.

One-on-one tutoring

From preschool talent training to high school tutoring

​High school stage

Six years of high school is the most important period of growth in life.The physical and intellectual development is changing dramatically everyday. We will discuss with you the specific situation and characteristics of the student, recommend suitable teachers and conduct targeted learning. We help to build a solid foundation, guide interest, check and fill the gap, prepare for the year 9 Selective School exams and HSC.We'll lay a solid foundation to cope the challenges of life in the future.

Primary school stage

For the elementary school children's intellectual characteristics and exam course design. There are professional teachers in English writing, reading, math,GA,computer and so on. It covers all kinds of tutoring and tutoring OC class and Selective School exam. Let children interact with good teachers directly, improve their interest in learning, improve their learning efficiency and achieve high scores and high capability.

Talent cultivation

Art is the ladder to Joy, but the road to it is not flat and you have to insist on it. Top 1 Education's music, dance, and art teachers are willing to work with parents to form the strongest synergy to stimulate the child's artistic interest, to care for the whole life and to develop the aesthetic ability, creative taste and artistic temperament to benefit the whole life.

My daughter has been taking lessons for over a year, and she loves playing the piano. Learning the piano has helped her math skills, and it is an amazing stress reliever for her when she is having a bad day. I feel very lucky that Melody from Top 1 Education
has been able to show her joy with music! I think it's something she will enjoy for the rest of her life.

Fiona Wong

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